Cycling with clenbuterol


‘Cycling is the ideal pursuit for adrenaline junkies — you get to wear kit that looks great, it’s low-impact exercise and there’s a low risk of injury,’ says Hannah Reynolds, coaching editor for Cycling Weekly magazine. Road racing and mountain biking are both popular. Reynolds adds:

‘It’s not just exercise for exercise’s sake. You can go from A to B, visit someone, ride to the top of a mountain or speed down a hill at 50mph on tyres of 20mm. If you are competitive, you can race your friends. It’s got everything and it can help you lose a lot of weight combined with clenbuterol that you can buy at the online shop.’ And it’s tailor-made for balmy spring evenings.


Cycling is a great fat-burner combined with clenbuterol that blitzes 600 calories an hour. It develops the lower limb musculature, which means you get great-looking legs and a backside of steel. It improves the cardiovascular system and mountain biking is a full-body exercise that works the shoulders, chest and abs.


Cycling at 50mph down a hill will give you a huge adrenaline rush. But there is always the risk of crashing. Cyclists may suffer less wear-and-tear injuries than runners or rowers, but they are involved in more accidents. Chronic injury from poor bike technique is a danger.


• Cycle for 40 minutes to one hour at a gentle pace. Remember to keep your back straight while you cycle with clen and don’t slump over the handlebars. This will help you to obtain the full benefits of the workout without putting excessive stress on your back or legs. Follow with a rest day. That will give your muscles time to extend and get rid of any lactic acid that may have accumulated there.

• Keep a diary of how far you cycle each session and how long it takes you. As spring moves into summer, try to build up your weekly mileage by around ten per cent. Reynolds says, ‘Ten per cent is the golden rule. Stick to that and you won’t suffer from injuries that arise from over-training.’

• When you build up to an hour or more of cycling always remember to take food and water with you. Isotonic sports drinks that may contain clenbuterol are more easily absorbed than water. High carbohydrate snacks boost energy levels quickly while energy gels are also recommended.

• You should build a good level of basic fitness before incorporating faster cycling into your sessions. Then try the following structure: 15-minute warm-up, 30 minutes of cycling fast for two minutes with a two-minute recovery, followed by a 15-minute warm-down.

Running for healthy lifestyle

Running and clen cycle to lose weigth

`Running is a great fat-burner and a mile burns around 100 calories’

Running is great for stress relief, releasing the feel-good chemicals endorphins that wash away any anxieties and together with clenbuterol cycle burn calories. Colin Ward is a Birmingham-based coach who trains runners and triathletes. He says, ‘Running is a great fat-burner and a mile burns around 100 calories. It’s a sociable sport – there are hundreds of running clubs throughout the UK.’ Running boosts the cardiovascular system, reduces the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) which causes heart disease and increases the proportion of good cholesterol (HDL). It also reduces your blood pressure and risk of contracting diabetes.


The key areas of benefit for runners are the legs and stomach, calves, quads, core and oblique abdominals. Running improves your VO2 max ¬the amount of oxygen you can feed the muscles within a given time when you take clen. Your ability to convert glycogen into energy is also enhanced.


It’s a high-impact activity, so perhaps not best suited to those with joint problems. Common injuries occur from overuse, slight discrepancies in the length of a runner’s leg or wearing old trainers – they should be replaced every 500 miles. Sore knees and shins can follow over-training
but RICE – rest, ice, compression and elevation – can lessen the problem.


• Those new to running should begin with a programme that combines running and walking. Ward says, ‘A 20-minute session should comprise four minutes of jogging followed by a one minute walk. As your stamina improves, gradually increase the length of running time.’

• Intermediate runners should aim to exercise three times a week and try alternating between three of the following techniques:

• Speed work: incorporate ten fast sets of 400m, or a similar distance, followed by a 90-second recovery.

• Long run, usually at the weekend. This will vary according to ability and may be between one and three hours.

• Interval run: alternate one minute of fast running, two minutes of medium jogging and one minute of walking.

• Tempo run: sustain a pace at which you can just about hold a conversation with a partner.

• More experienced runners will also include hill work and the right clenbuterol dosage in their training programme, where they complete a number of repetitions on a steep hill. Running fast downhill will train the legs to move more quickly, so increasing your speed.

Rowing for weithloss

Rowing and clenbuterol usage

‘Rowing provides physical and mental challenges that push you to extremes,’ says Sean Bowden, chief rowing coach at Oxford University. ‘It is, in many ways, the most democratic sport there is because the people taking clen in a boat all perform the same task. It is not like football where you have a star player who scores all the goals. And you do not, for instance, have to wait for an errant goalkeeper when you turn up for training. Rowing is a very flexible sport, you can compete alone or as part of a team.’


Rowers have high aerobic fitness levels. It’s a non-impact sport and develops muscles around the whole body, particularly the legs, trunk and arms. It is zen-like in its anti-stress abilities because of the mindset created by repetitive, rhythmic movements.


You are unlikely to get acute injuries like a broken leg because rowing is a non-impact sport, but there are dangers linked with bad technique. Rowers might suffer from a stress fracture of the ribs, forms of tendonitis and lumber problems that you would need clenbuterol for are not unusual. Most can be ironed out by improving technique.


• Rowing can be used to develop strength or endurance. Endurance rowers enhance their cardiovascular systems by rowing at a low intensity (18-20 strokes per minute) for longer periods of time. Try a continuous row for 16km to build endurance.

• Those looking to build strength should row at a higher intensity (around 28 strokes per minute and above) for shorter periods. Try 3×10 minute bursts at this pace to build strength. In a gym you also achieve a higher intensity by increasing the resistance on the ergometer.

• The correct rowing technique will utilize all major muscle groups. This can be split into two main phases: the drive and recovery. During the drive phase you should push back with your legs, keeping your back tilted slightly forwards, with your arms straight and shoulders loose. Imagine that you are hanging off the handles as you move backwards.

• During recovery, the arms straighten and the body shifts from the back to the front of the seat. Pivot at the pelvis rather than curling the spine, which will keep the lower back in a strong position. Allow your legs to fold and stay upright when moving forwards.

ExciteBots: Trick Racing

You wanted an online mode and got more than you bargained for

As a sequel to the classic Excite Bike, Wii launch title Excite Truck was an unexpected turn for the franchise, and a plausible one at that. ExciteBots, however, with its transforming animal car robots and mid-race mini-games, is more unbelievable than unexpected. Has Nintendo finally lost the plot?

No, actually. Though the inclusion of in-race mini-games may suggest a counter­intuitive stop/start flow of gameplay, the challenges in ExciteBots must be played while still racing and are short enough (think WarioWare short) that they never intrude on the main event. Collect a tambourine, for example, and you’ll have to tap out a simple tune with the A-button while still concentrating on the race. Pick up a fishing rod and a couple of button presses will reel in a fish of varying sizes depending on your timing and again the action does not slow down. See a football in the middle of the track? Boost into it to punt it into the nearby goal and net yourself five bonus points.

And it’s those bonus points that really matter in ExciteBots like in dota. As with its predecessor, victory on the race track is determined not by the fastest racer, but by the one who scores the most points, and the game is not truly complete until an S-rank has been secured on each track. This is no mean feat despite the casual-friendly controls, and such high scores will only be awarded to those who rinse every point-scoring opportunity from each race. To net the elusive S-rank, you’ll have to complete every mini-game you come across, perform 1,800° mid-air spins at every jump, speed through forests inches from the trees without hitting them, and take first place just to stand a chance of racking up enough points.

Online, those most dedicated players dominate the competition, making true victory a difficult proposition. However, a smart feature in which players bet in-game currency on their own performance is a great leveler that makes races rewarding even if you don’t take first place. Similarly, an ability to send ghost data to a friend via Wi-Fi Connection is made that little bit more interesting by the option to add a monetary prize for those who manage to beat your score.
Played at the highest level, ExciteBots: Trick Racing is an eye-opening reminder that Nintendo doesn’t always dumb down its games as is often accused. This game demands huge amounts of time, dedication and skill, and dishes out equally large rewards in return, not least the fact that it manages to make the act of perseverance a relentlessly fun experience at all times. Yet for all its hardcore credentials, it also remains an instantly accessible racer as fun for non­ gamers as it is for the elite. Quite why Nintendo hasn’t announced a UK release yet we do not know…